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Pick the plan that works best for you! Monthly Month-to-Month Subscription +FREE SHIPPING from $28.99/month SIGN UP 3 Months Save more by paying every three months +FREE SHIPPING from $25.99/month SIGN UP 6 Months Save even more with a six-month subscription +FREE SHIPPING from $22.99/month SIGN UP Yearly Save the most with our yearly subscription! […]

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#1 – Pick your shirt category #2 – Get a new shirt every month #3 – Wear it like a boss GET STARTED

What is the College T-Shirt Club?

The Ultimate Subscription Service For College Sports Fans College T-shirt Club is a revolutionary concept in college gear. When you sign up for a 3-, 6-, or 12-month membership, every month you’ll get a brand new T-shirt from a different college. Choose from any one of 5 categories. Wouldn’t be caught dead in rival U’s […]