What is the College Tshirt Club?
College Tshirt Club is a revolutionary concept in college gear. When you sign up for a 3-,6-, or 12-month membership, every month you’ll get a brand new tshirt from a different college

What kind of Tshirts do you have? What schools?
We have 5 different categories to choose from or choose our variety pack and get a little of each-

  • Power 5 – These are the “big boys” of college sports. When you turn on your TV on a Saturday afternoon, these are the schools you see. From football powerhouses like Clemson, Alabama and USC to the hardwood wizards at Kentucky and North Carolina, this category will have you representing powerhouse programs from coast to coast.
  • Off the Beaten Path – The Fighting Geoducks. The Chokers. The Banana Slugs. Cool mascots? Unique nicknames? Obscure schools in interesting locations? If these things appeal to you, this is the category to choose. Every month you’ll get another t-shirt guaranteed to start a conversation everywhere you go.
  • The Elites – The best of the best. Elite. When you think of the top colleges and universities in America, these are the names that spring to mind. Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Cal Tech. If you want to wear the cream of the crop this is the category to choose.
  • HBCU – Established primarily to serve the African American community, HBCUs have a rich history of academic and athletic accomplishment. These close-knit schools share a proud heritage. Spellman, Howard, Florida A&M: show your HBCU pride by choosing this category.
  • Fictional – Want to study architecture under a fedora wearing professor? Interested in pledging a fraternity with The Godfather? Looking to join the diving team and do the triple lindy? This is the category for you. Representing colleges and universities from your favorite TV shows and movies from the 60s to today.

How can I get my favorite school?
During the checkout process you can list your favorite school. We’ll make sure one of your shirts will be your favorite- even if it’s not part of the category you choose.

I’m never going to wear my rival school’s shirt. How can I make sure you don’t send it to me?
Don’t worry, we understand. We won’t wear our rival’s shirt either. You’ll be able to exclude up to 5 schools, conferences, or even entire categories and we won’t send them to you.

Why does it take 4-6 weeks for the first shirt to arrive?
In order to keep our costs low, we don’t keep shirts for every school in every size in stock at all times. We use order on demand technology and pass the savings on to you. Your first shirt will arrive in 4-6 weeks and then every month after that.

Can I change my size or category after I join?
Absolutely! Just email our US based customer support team at any time at support@collegetshirtclub.com and they will be happy to make any changes you need. You can change your size, category, exclusions…whatever you need.

Are your shirts officially licensed?
Yes! 100% of our college shirts are officially licensed merchandise

I want the variety pack but only a mix of 2 categories and not all 5. Is that possible?
Definitely. Choose the Variety Pack option and simply exclude the categories you don’t want at check out.